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Singing Circles


There are numerous paths to enlightenment, and one is through devotional singing!

Singing in a circle is a timeless connection to our ancient heritage. With the resonance of sound and the weaving of powerful medicine songs, we can unlock unexpected healing spaces, guiding us straight into the heart, into our feelings, and from the mind into a profound presence in the moment. It's a journey that enhances our sense of connection with one another, triggering the release of endorphins like oxytocin and serotonin in our bodies. Singing with a light-filled intention allows us to taste a bit of heaven on earth. Each song, to me, is pure medicine, carrying a unique quality—gentleness, strength, clarity, joie de vivre, sadness, lightness, mysticism, and more. Every emotion is embraced because that's the essence of it all. In these authentic, judgment-free spaces, many transformations have unfolded over the past few years. Individuals arrive burdened, and they leave with a sense of lightness. For that, I am infinitely THANKFUL!

In my singing circles, there's no judgment on right or wrong singing; it's all about devotion and the courage to liberate the voice and the emotions it carries. The central altar mirrors the beauty of the universe. I delight in crafting a lovely atmosphere with flowers, crystals, water, candlelight, delicate fragrances, and incense, all contributing to the sacred space we create together.

Ceremonies, Weddings, Presentation & Sound Design


For a little over a decade, I've had the privilege of gaining experience as a presenter, finding my way through events like the Heart Culture Festival and others. I've discovered my knack in crafting speeches and addresses, serving as a humble bridge and ambassador for the unfolding of a new era. I'm here with open arms to contribute to events that carry a peaceful intention.

When it comes to weddings, I genuinely enjoy creating simple, personalized rituals and ceremonies. My recent journey through various retreats has not only allowed me to guide yoga and bodywork sessions but has also deepened my ability to weave enchanting soundscapes and songs inspired by the magic of the present moment. This enables me to respond organically to the atmosphere, creating lively, flowing symphonies that add an extra layer of magic to any healing session or ceremony, taking the therapeutic effect to a noticeably new dimension.

All my offerings are available for booking, whether it's weaving them into retreats, workshops, weddings, or any kind of ceremony. Be it place dedications or festival openings, I'm here to craft individually customized packages that resonate with the unique spirit of each event. My strength lies in flexibility, allowing me to create simple yet impactful rituals on the spot, ensuring a warm and memorable experience for all participants.




Agnihotra, a timeless high technology from the Vedic age, is not just a fire practice; it's a science with a ritual essence—a versatile tool designed to foster abundance in all facets of life. This sacred fire is meticulously kindled at sunrise and sunset, blending mantras, sounds, vibrations, timing, cycles, geometry, ingredients, and inner alignment into a harmonious dance. When executed with precision, Agnihotra unfolds as an incredibly potent force with astonishing effects. Remarkably, people from diverse cultures and religions globally embrace Agnihotra. The entire ritual, lasting around 10 minutes, is easily learnable by anyone within a short timeframe.

The universal impact of Agnihotra never fails to astound and deeply resonate with me. Its energetically perceptible and scientifically comprehensible effects can be expounded upon in depth through ceremonies and lectures. Agnihotra not only purifies water, air, and earth on physical and energetic levels but also enriches its ash with over 90 elements in colloidal form, including gold, silver, magnesium, and calcium. Successfully integrated into agriculture, Agnihotra enhances the quality, shelf life, and yield of vegetables while exhibiting the remarkable ability to neutralize radioactivity.

Beyond these tangible benefits, Agnihotra generates an information field that harmonizes the Earth's magnetic field, positively influences brain waves, and envelops the surroundings in a rich, life-energy-giving, and peaceful wave of energy. It intricately harmonizes meridians, chakras, and our entire energetic being, especially when embraced with wholehearted dedication to the source of all light and love itself.

In a world where millions are invested in researching holistic environmental restoration, it's intriguing that ancient solutions like Agnihotra have been available to us all along. Everyone can contribute, and there exists sufficient scientific evidence to make its comprehension accessible to the mind—Agnihotra!

I would be delighted to bring this incredible knowledge to your event through an engaging ceremonial talk, sharing its practical, tangible wisdom. I'm happy to offer this on a donation basis because it is a personal commitment of mine to spread this transformative knowledge.

One on One Sessions

I consider a non-judgmental space of deep listening to be the nurturing foundation of all healing, forming the core of my practice. It's a space where you can simply exist with all that you are, free from judgment, and share everything on your mind.

As we engage and understand each other, the primary issues come into focus and clarity. Guided by my honed intuition, I can then choose the most fitting tools to accompany you on your journey to self-discovery.

Mindful touch and embracing presence

Mindful touch is a reminder of our time in the womb, our original state. It facilitates relaxation, awareness, and a sense of being loved and accepted. It allows us to feel where energy is flowing or where stagnation exists, enabling a simple and natural flow.

Sound and vibration

Immersing ourselves in sound waves facilitates deep release, helping us move beyond the confines of the mind and into a realm of feeling. Instruments like Kailani, Koshi, or Handpan, rich in overtones, provide an avenue for us to delve into high-frequency realms. Subtle and highly vibrating frequencies work on dissolving entrenched patterns on a cellular and energetic level. Drums and rattles, on the other hand, ground us and induce trance-like states, liberating us and opening the gates to universal healing energies. Often, images emerge from the depths of our subconscious, offering insights into our intentions or answers to life's important questions. Our nervous system finds peace, our immune system strengthens, and our brain waves enter deep, meditative states that unveil clear insights into our purpose.

Sessions are documented, and together we reflect on and identify inner tools that will support and strengthen you in your everyday life. Your success depends on your willingness to take responsibility. Years of training and honing my intuition allow me to receive clear information easily. Through universal resonance, I've observed that the right people often find their way to me—individuals with challenges I'm intimately familiar with, having navigated them myself and possessing a broad spectrum of solutions. You'll sense if you're in the right place with me from the very first moment.


I am looking forwarad to our session together!



I operate on two foundational pillars

1. Embracing Disharmony: Everything not in harmony with the soul, the original expression, seeks unconditional embrace. Thoughts and feelings we habitually condemn find redemption when given space. Shadow work involves bringing these parts back into the light of consciousness.

2. Alignment and Focus: Once disharmonious elements are recognized, redeemed, integrated, and liberated through unconditional acceptance, a sense of wholeness emerges. Clear alignment and focus on what you want in your life follow. I can provide you with effective tools to anchor and manifest this new version of yourself optimally in the present, guiding you on how to tune into this frequency intensely and for an extended duration, allowing you to finally become the person you've always aspired to be.




Voice Liberation Workshops

The voice is just the tip of the iceberg, it holds an incredible potential to lead us into the depths of our essence, unlocking our natural expression. Some even say it has the power to guide us toward absolute enlightenment. It acts as a mirror to our entire soul, making our unique signature audible and perceptible to all—a truly precious gift. After all, what could be more beautiful than singing a heartfelt song to someone, as our ancestors did on every occasion?

This journey is not about right or wrong; it's about cultivating the courage to authentically express ourselves. Such authenticity proves invaluable in various aspects of life—at work, at home, and especially in relationships. It extends beyond mere vocalization; it encompasses communication and the articulation of one's truth, aligning our voice with the harmony of our innermost being. That alignment holds immense power!

Over the years, my workshops have distilled powerful elements that guide us deep into our true nature and presence. The circle in which we gather, the pulsation, the breath, the rhythm, the heart, the touch, the experience of harmony—all these connect us as human beings, transcending our differences. Together, we learn to embrace our natural humanity—playfully, authentically. Through the voice, we free ourselves from old beliefs, express our being, and learn to allow ecstasy and trance. We transition from the head directly into feeling, expanding our consciousness and tapping into our boundless source potential. This process heals and allows us to immerse ourselves in a connected and peaceful state. We gradually activate our universal sound instrument, for the human being possesses the ability to reproduce heaven and earth in sound. The voice, especially the energy behind the singing, is a powerful and magical force.

In my workshops, participants learn to act as channels with clear intention, touching themselves and others deeply through the voice and presence. The circle amplifies the power of the individual, creating a reciprocal exchange within the group. This transformative work demands courage—to show oneself, to share oneself—and it is through this vulnerability that true transformation unfolds.

Over the years, my discoveries have stemmed from personal exploration, daring to try new things repeatedly and intuitively sensing what is needed in each moment. Without a rigid concept, in a safe and secure environment, universal patterns have emerged—something that resides within all of us.

The greatest gift in my work is the profound connection and peace that emerges during these processes, reflected in the faces of those involved. Witnessing the beauty within the essence of the voice touches me deeply, especially when guiding individuals in discovering their own voice and witnessing their blossoming. This journey is also extended in one-on-one voice liberation coaching sessions.


Soundhealing Journeys

Sound journeys are for those who simply want to surrender. For those who want to open themselves, and immerse in the healing embrace of sound waves cascading through them from head to toe, permeating every cell, emotion, and aspect of their being.

Each sound instrument, from heaven to earth, embodies a unique quality, much like the songs themselves. I derive immense joy from intuitively channeling and creating songs in the moment, responding dynamically to the atmosphere and discerning its needs—for the space and the people present. Whether it's songs to release, sounds for mourning, rhythms for celebration, or simply for deep relaxation and immersion in a primal sense of security, the experience often leads participants into a profound state, sometimes even into sleep, where significant subconscious work unfolds. In this space, I hold a supportive presence, sending light prayers from the heart, which resonate and penetrate your being through the healing power of sound—pure healing and wellness.

To enhance the healing atmosphere, a beautiful altar adorned with candles, crystals, flowers, and exquisite fragrances is meticulously arranged. The conscious use of the elements—water, fire, earth, and air—serves to purify and bless the space and its occupants, serving as a gentle reminder of our wholeness and interconnectedness with the earth.

Over the years, I've developed unique techniques for spreading sound through space, employing special instruments rich in overtones such as kailani, koshi, and handpan. These instruments weave crystalline, heavenly soundscapes that enchant and profoundly touch the participants, often dissolving blockages. Yet, the resonance of earthy instruments, such as drums, various percussions, or the didgeridoo, can also have a profound effect, grounding individuals and reconnecting them with their bodies. At times, the quality of healing touch is seamlessly incorporated when appropriate, adding another layer to the transformative experience.

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