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Soundhealer, Medicine Songwriter & Multi-Instrumentalist

In his workshops, retreats and singing circles he uses the gift of his voice & special soundhealing instruments to create a space that allows for a deeper reconnection and remembrance of our true divine nature. He draws inspiration for his music from his lifelong connection with nature, the wisdom of a holistic lifestyle, his role as a father to his wonderful children and from the Heart Culture Family, which he started over 10 years ago in Austria and has been touching and inspiring the lives of many people ever since.



No upcoming events at the moment

Singing Circles

A very unique light sparkles within each of us 

There are many ways to make this inner sun shine and to honor the miracle of being alive. Singing Medicine Songs from all over the world together in a circle is a very powerful way to surrender to the source of life.

Songs that nourish our soul and remind us of the essence of life are healing for our heart and strengthen a sense of community as well as our immune system.


Ceremonies, Weddings, Presentation & Sound Design

For over 10 years I was able to gain experience as a presenter at the Heart Culture Festival and other events. I see my strength in creating speeches from the magic of the moment - as a bridge and ambassador of the new era. I am at your service for all events with a peaceful intention. For weddings, I like to create simple, customized rituals and ceremonies. Through the many retreats in recent years where I have been able to accompany yoga and bodywork sessions, I have been able to deepen my ability to create soundscapes and songs that capture the mood of the moment.




Agnihotra is an ancient technology from the Vedic age. It is a fire practice. A science with a ritual character. A multifunctional tool to create more abundance in all areas of life. A sacred fire is always lit exactly at sunrise and sunset. It is a special combination of mantras, sounds, vibration, timing, cycles, geometry, ingredients and inner alignment. If everything is followed exactly, Agnihotra is an incredibly powerful tool with amazing effects.


One on One Sessions

Through non-judgmental listening, mindful touch, sound and vibrations from various healing instruments and our own voices and by reflecting on the inner process, blockages in a physical and emotional level can be miraculously released. I can also help you to free your voice and discover new facets of yourself.


Voice Liberation Workshops

The voice is just the tip of the iceberg. It has the potential to take us deep into our essence and liberate our natural expression. It is even said to be able to lead us to absolute enlightenment.

It reflects our soul in its entirety. Our unique signature becomes audible and perceptible to everyone and that is the great gift! Because what could be more beautiful than singing a song to someone from the heart? Just as our ancestors did on every occasion.

This is not about right or wrong. It's about developing the courage to express ourselves authentically! This can be very useful at work, at home and especially in relationships. Because of course it's also about communication and expressing your truth. And thereby bringing your voice ever more clearly into harmony with your innermost being - that's powerful!

Over the years, powerful elements have crystallized in my workshops, methods that are able to lead us deeply to our true nature and presence.

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Soundhealing Journeys


Sound journeys are for those who simply want to surrender. For those who want to make themselves open and receptive to the quality of healing sound waves that flow through you from top to bottom. Through every cell. Through your emotions. Through your being.



"Wotan is a unique artist, musician, shaman and group leader. Participants in his workshops can experience how sustainable and healing sounding, singing and making music together can be. Thanks to his many years of experience as a musician and event organizer, he brings a good mix of playfulness, intimacy and depth to his work. It is always a pleasure to learn from and work with him and I can wholeheartedly recommend him. Aho!"


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