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"Music has the power to reconnect us with our true, divine nature."

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Born in 1988 and raised in the heart of Portugal, amidst the tranquility of a remote valley, I am one of seven siblings who spent our formative years surrounded by the wonders of nature—lush forests, flowing rivers, and serene lakes. Growing up in this idyllic setting, my father, an open-minded spirit and a pioneering farmer, played a pivotal role in shaping my worldview. A true hippie at heart, he possessed a boundless curiosity for alternative sciences, world religions, and the ancient indigenous knowledge of our planet's original inhabitants. This curiosity extended to his taste in music, creating a diverse soundscape that resonated around our home. Many evenings were spent around the fire, where my father welcomed people from different cultures and countries, introducing me to a global tapestry of music even before I entered this world. A cassette of Bob Marley's music, a birthday gift at the tender age of seven, marked the beginning of my musical journey.

It wasn't until adulthood that I recognized the profound impact of these culturally diverse songs that had left lasting imprints on my memory. I've come to see them as codes, capable of reactivating our cellular memory through emotions, reaching deep into our DNA, where collective memories are stored. Music, in essence, serves as a conduit to reawaken ancient knowledge within our cells, alter our body chemistry, and rewire neural connections. And, of course, it possesses the unique ability to shift and expand our consciousness into different states. As a young boy wandering through the woods, I heard symphonies that seemed to emanate from celestial spheres—I was both an avid listener and an unwitting composer, an integral part of an imposing, heavenly orchestra.

My great-grandfather, a holistic doctor, recognized something special in me as a child, noting that my head was shaped like a musician's skull. Even in my youth, I found joy in playing the guitar and drums, weaving melodies in an imaginary language to entertain my brothers and sisters.

It wasn't until the age of 16, after spending seven transformative years in Austria, that my twin sister, Agnes, drew my attention to my musicality and voice. This marked the beginning of my journey as a songwriter. As I wrapped up my formal education, the decision to dive into the realm of music was clear, and from that point onward, I became a self-taught musician.

By the age of 17, I embarked on my solo musical journey, followed by the founding of my first band, "Naked Vibrations," a reggae sensation in the Austrian music scene. We played at festivals, clubs, and toured the streets of Europe, with street music serving as a profound schooling in the art of musical connection.

At 16, a life-altering experience shifted my perspective on music. During a farm festival and under the influence of 'magic mushrooms,' I witnessed the vibrations in the air as waves and particles, permeating the room and the dancing crowd. Playing the drums in that altered state, both I and the audience marveled at the rhythmic precision—this episode revealed to me the transformative power of being 'in the flow.'

In 2008, my eldest brother Tom and I had a vision that materialized into the Heart Culture Festival—a collaborative effort involving a vast circle of friends and family. The festival, designed to bring people together, connecting them through their hearts, was an instant success and a testament to my enduring passion for fostering unity and connection.

In 2011/2012, I underwent a profound transformation and awakening—a period marked by significant changes. My home was engulfed in flames, my daughter faced a near-drowning experience, awakening miraculously after over an hour of clinical death. Simultaneously, I found myself in the midst of my first major separation. These and other intense life-and-death encounters within just half a year triggered deep traumas and shocks.

Shortly after, at the Heart Culture Festival in 2012, I fell in love and encountered crucial and special individuals who elevated the quality of connection to an unprecedented level.

Never before had I experienced this kind of love and divine ecstasy with such intensity. Infinite beauty revealed itself in people and nature, often transcending the boundaries of time and space. Tears of profound connection flowed freely. Simultaneously, I carried pain, sorrow, and fear. It marked the beginning of a long journey of healing and reconnecting with my soul. Over the following years, I learned to anchor myself more deeply in my body and cultivate love for life here on Earth, embracing all its demands. It marked the initiation of an intense self-work. Ceremonial practices greatly aided me and simultaneously marked the beginning of my work with Medicine Songs—songs that resonated deep within my soul.

In the same year, with my then-partner Arianna, under the name 'Cheeky-Souls,' we recorded the album 'Love is the Answer.' From that point on, my music underwent significant changes. This was the time when I began to focus more on meditative music, bringing relaxation and expressing the magic and depth I felt. It marked the commencement of a new chapter in my life.

From then on, through songs and soulful singing, I learned to open ever more powerful spaces. Unforeseen dimensions unfolded before me. Music gradually became my personal prayer. I could express my devotion to the ONE living source more clearly and channel songs in the moment that deeply touched me. Through my uniquely created vocal language, I can freely flow in singing, providing me with even more freedom of expression and immense joy.

Today, I am recognized as a Sound Healer and Medicine Songwriter. Within me resides an endless source of inspiration. My songs flow through me as if guided by an unseen force. In my workshops, retreats, and singing circles, I utilize the gift of my voice and special sound instruments to create a space that allows for a deeper reconnection and remembrance of our true divine nature. The inspiration for my music stems from my lifelong connection with nature, the wisdom of a holistic lifestyle, the role as a father to my wonderful children, and the Heart Culture family I established over 10 years ago in Austria, touching and inspiring the lives of many.

Over the years, I've gathered a wealth of experience in various fields, seamlessly integrating them into my holistic work. I accompanied individuals with special needs musically, worked as a chef, and remain active as a gardener. I have a deep love for working with plants, engaging in the creation of natural medicine for a period and continuing to craft my own remedies. Nowadays, I am unafraid to step into the public eye. In 2019, I reached the finals of the German talent show 'Super Talent' with Conrado Molina. I revel in bridging worlds and consider it my mission to infuse the mainstream with novelty and vibrancy.


I am always open to new adventures and cherish pushing the boundaries of consciousness, continually surprising myself and others.

As an empathetic healer, I see my calling in guiding people towards their own essence and purpose. This unfolds in individual sessions or various forms of ceremonies—ceremonies devoid of dogma, crafted authentically and vibrantly in the moment for the moment.

For me, healing means remembering our wholeness.

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