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Mi., 28. Dez.


Seminarhaus Eckhof

Conscious Heart Song Intensive

In this Retreat we bring the essence into play. Truth can reveal itself by deeper understanding, softening, opening, presence practices and cultivation of the heart. Connection will be a means to higher consciousness.

Conscious Heart Song Intensive
Conscious Heart Song Intensive

Zeit & Ort

28. Dez. 2022, 16:00 – 31. Dez. 2022, 16:00

Seminarhaus Eckhof, Murbergstraße 153, 8072 Enzelsdorf, Österreich

Über die Veranstaltung

Facilitated by...

Saeed Khan (Canada) 

has received rigerous training in

traditional Tantra and has been profoundly inspired by the

teachings of non-duality through intensive practices over 25

years in different traditions - Advaita Vedanta, Dzogchen,

Terravada Buddhism, Shamanism. His approach to the nondual

state is non-conceptual, opening up the space for

recognition of our true nature through practices and

consciousness transmission.

Saeed aspires to the possibility of stable Awakening for every

human being and in this mission he travels the world offering

Satsang and consciousness transmissions.

He engenders a highly vibrating energetic field to help clear

the blocks to non-dual awareness.

Verena Devi Strobl 

is a teacher of A Course in

miracles, life coach, teacher of the heart and researcher

for alternative life style in natural environment. She is

gone through intense practices over 25 years in

Ashrams, Retreats and educations in consciousness

technologies, the Yoga of the Heart and different

coaching skills. Authentic human connection through

different means such as Authentic Relating, trauma

sensitive coaching and conscious heart is in the focus of

her service. By bringing conscious awareness into the

heart and its dimension, there is the possability of deep

transformation through heart opening and

transcendence of the ordinary senses into higher

sensitivity and vastness.

Wotan Alvaro Sun 

is known as a soundhealer, multiinstrumentalist

and circle facilitator. Since he is 16 years old he

writes songs, pouring his heart into sound/energy

transmissions and Conscious voice connection.

Ever since he is connecting souls through heart centered

events, Retreats and Workshops f.e. the famous " Heart Culture


Through his work he creates a non judgemental space that

allows a simple and profound feeling of arriving home,

welcoming everything that arises and all of our dimensions. This

simple but fundamental quality allows integration to happen

very naturally.

He uses the power of the circle, to effectively benefit the

individual and offering a space for universal connection through

sound and the expression of your unique, true voice, in it´s

power to reflect the beauty of the universe.

Together we create an alchemy of:

* Daily Satsang - Communion in truth with Saeed

* The four Yogas and how they come together into the highest teachings

* The 5 Aggregates of buddhist teachings

* Dyads - self-inquiry and reflection in pair

*  Sharing presence

* Cultivating different energies

* Heart practices - Revealing the abilities and essence of the heart with Devi

* Authentic Relating

* Voice activation & Soundhealing with Wotan

* Mantra and prayer

Our intention and essence for the participants:

Deeper connection within and alltogether, discernment, recognition of truth, cultivation of

softness and compassion

Date: 28.12. 16h - 31.12. 16h

Location: Seminarhaus Eckhof ,Murbergstraße 153, A-8072 Mellach/Graz

Language: english/german

We want to include everyone who feels a call

Tune in....

every investment we do into expansion of consciousness is an

investment into the universal pot

Abundance giver (you support people who have less) 550€

Good intention 450€

Support receiver ticket 350€ - on request

Full boarding (all vegan meals and raw food) 70€

Acommodation in common sleeping rooms 7€ per night 

(own sleeping mat and blanket)

Single rooms are available on demand and in hotels or AirBnB in the villages around

Application through email to heartmatter@protonmail + transfer of an application fee to:

Heart Matter BIC: TRWIBEB1XXX IBAN: BE21 9673 2365 3903

(application is only complete through transfer of a fee of 200€)

Storno Conditions: We hope you understand that in case of Storno you get only 50% of the

application fee back.

Storno is possible till 24.12.

31.12. 17h New Years Eve

at the lake and Seminarhaus Eckhof

Let´s invite our friend into the field of our Retreat and celebrate love, connection,

authenticity and transition with sweet awareness into the new cycle of 2023!!!

We will prepare the celebration together, cook, keep a sacred fire at the lake and dance

and sing in co-creation. Donation: minimum 7€

You are welcome as you are!

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